Pretty Guardian in a Sailor Suit

Sailor Moon’s Henshin Items:

The Crystal Star

The Crystal Star was the second henshin item that Usagi received. It was used in the Black Moon Arc in the manga, and predominantly in the R season of Sailor Moon. Usagi could transform into her standard form of Sailor Moon with the Crystal Star by saying “Moon Crystal Power, Make Up!”

In addition, the Crystal Star was the first brooch that could hold the Silver Crystal. As such, Sailor Moon could channel the power of the Silver Crystal through the Crystal Star, and had a healing attack called “Moon Crystal Power!” whose effects were similar to that of “Moon Healing Escalation.” 

Usagi received the Crystal Star from Queen Serenity in both the anime and in the manga. But the circumstances in which she received them were different. In the manga, Queen Serenity left the Crystal Star for Usagi in the Chamber of Prayer in the Moon Castle after it had been restored when Usagi defeated Metalia. In the anime, a Cardian destroyed the Transformation Brooch, and in the attack, Usagi ended up falling into her own soul. There, she met Queen Serenity once again, and she was given the Crystal Star.

In the R Movie, the Crystal Star and the Silver Crystal were destroyed when Princess Serenity saved the Earth from the Kisenian Flower. The brooch and the Crystal were restored when Fiore sacrificed his life energy to bring Sailor Moon back to life.

Other than this incident, the Crystal Star was never destroyed again in either adaptation of Sailor Moon. Although in the anime, the Silver Crystal seemed to have been disabled by a Diamon, which prevented Usagi from transforming. But the Crystal Star didn’t appear to be damaged at all. Otherwise, the Crystal Star was merely upgraded.

The Crystal Star was replaced by the Cosmic Heart Compact in the Infinity Arc/S Season of Sailor Moon.

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