Pretty Guardian in a Sailor Suit

imsmokingpoetry asked: "Do you think we'll get to see the outer senshi at all in Crystal? I've heard it won't reach far enough in the story for them to be introduced. Which bums me out because the outer senshi are my favorite. 😔"

Well truthfully, we don’t know how far Crystal is going to go in the long run. As of now, it’s going to cover the Dark Kingdom Arc and the Black Moon Arc. So we’ll definitely see Sailor Chibi Moon, Sailor Pluto, Neo-Queen Serenity, King Endymion, Black Lady and the rest of the Black Moon Clan. But Neptune, Uranus, and Saturn don’t appear until the Infinity Arc.

Hopefully, SMC will cover all of the manga arcs!

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six-bluepetals asked: "hey! When/why did they change moon pride? I saw the gif comparison post on this blog and I'm like wow that's cool, but im confused lol"

They just made the changes on yesterday’s episode, so it’s very recent! I’m not really sure why, but it seems that the animators of SMC are just doing some cleaning up in general. There was a video released that compares the the animation when the episodes premiered to when the episodes are going to be released on DVD/Blu-Ray and the DVD/Blu-Ray artwork is a lot better :)

senshiofserenity asked: "Did you actually clean up that Queen Serenity image from the opening? :O Or is there a clean version of it somewhere? Cause that's pretty impressive work!"

I cleaned it up myself! Thank you so much for noticing, dear! It was a pain in the ass to clean up haha.

efjace asked: "I loved this episode but had some issues with the art direction (guessing that's what it's technically called?). It felt more like an animated manga and not an anime. With the constant close ups on faces or portions of a face (just the eyes or from the nose down), random shots of hands & feet. It was almost like they just didn't know what to do with these guys. But <3'd the Mamo love! (Also Usagi said she's the leader of the team, then was surprised he knew she was SM? Huh?) Thoughts??"

You know, I felt exactly the same way. Loved the episode (Usa/Mamo game so strong!), but man the “direction” was so weird with the random close-ups and whatnot.

And yeah, I didn’t understand that either. Especially considering that Tuxedo Mask also went to USAGI (not while she was Sailor Moon) to help Makoto in the previous episode (but then again, she did wonder if she was dreaming). So yeah, I don’t get it >.>

However, that was more or less Usagi’s reaction in the manga.


So I don’t know haha.

(Scan from MissDream)

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wingedfreckles asked: "All the UsaMamo feels today tho!!!!11!1!! All the feels in general!!!!!! asfvgbhngbvfgbhndg *sobs* sorry I just needed someone to vent cauSE FEELS!!! ;w;"



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jessicainreallife asked: "Have you read the manga? I was just curious if the Tuxedo Mask reveal in the manga was more similar to the old Sailor Moon reveal or the Crystal one. Thanks! :)"

Yeah it was more or less the same :)

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dontmesswiththislioness asked: "Do you have a link to the picture that has all the release dates for the sailor moon crystal episodes? I can't find it anywhere! Thanks. :) xx"

I don’t, but SMC episodes are released every first and third Saturday of the month.

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lunatique-maiden asked: "But, if Chibi Chibi becomes Sailor Cosmos, how is she a future Sailor Moon?"

In the manga, Sailor Cosmos implied that she was a future Sailor Moon. She was telling the Asteroid Senshi about how she remembered the battle with Chaos (the current battle in which Eternal Sailor Moon was fighting). Cosmos states that she was coward who couldn’t do the right thing, and after the battle, she often wondered what would have happened if she made a different choice. So she traveled back into the past in the form of Chibi Chibi to help Usagi (her past self) overcome her loneliness and make the right choice. During the battle with Chaos, Chibi Chibi revealed who she really was.

Chibi Chibi doesn’t become Sailor Cosmos, Chibi Chibi is Sailor Cosmos. And if Sailor Cosmos is a future form of Sailor Moon, as the manga heavily implies, then that makes Chibi Chibi a future form of Sailor Moon as well :)

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chiyochann asked: "I've never seen the girl next to sailor chibi chibi in the post u reposted who is she?:o"

That would be Sailor Cosmos! She only appeared in the last arc of the manga. Nobody knows for sure who she really is, as it is never directly stated. Personally, I believe she is a future form of Sailor Moon :)

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mrsdanielcraig asked: "Apologies in advance for asking, but would you by chance know what happened to moon-healing's tumblr? It's gone :("

Aww you don’t have to apologize for asking a question. I don’t mind answering questions, I just can’t always answer them in a timely manner. ;)

But I honestly don’t know what happened to moon-healing. I’m really sad that the blog is gone :(

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