Pretty Guardian in a Sailor Suit

michiru-kaiou618 asked: "Can you post VENUS/KUNZITE DRAWN BY SMC STAFF?!"

Here is the link from Yukie Sakou’s twitter. :D

saiyanabe asked: "I love how you've stayed active for so long. Alot of other blogs like yours go down after a few weeks. Keep up the good work :)"

Omg thank you so much. I’ve been running ESM for almost 3 years now, and over the years I’ve only gotten more and more busy with real life stuff. I used to be even more active than I am now. Like I would answer messages really quickly (or actually answer all messages), and do more requests, and take part in fandom discussions…so I actually feel like I’ve been less active. I mean, my queue is constantly full so my blog is always posting stuff, but I feel like I’ve personally not been around as much as I would like.

I’m rambling haha but what I’m TRYING TO SAY is thank you so much! I’m glad there are people out there who still appreciate my presence in the fandom, even if I feel like I’ve been doing a crappy job haha.

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efjace asked: "OMG, can I just say I'm totally freaking out about this episode?! EVERYTHING WAS SO PERFECT. From the art (everyone's faces were in proportion!) to EVERYTHING. And Mina KNOWS ABOUT KUNZITE. AHH!! Also, I could be wrong as I never saw all the way to Stars, but I think this is the first time we've SEEN a scout use their pen to un-transform!! Also-also, V's pen looked different from everyone else's? AND USAGI'S REACTION TO MAMO SAVING HER, TELLING HIM TO GET TO SAFETY & A KISS!! This. Episode! <33"


I AM SO HAPPY ABOUT MINAKO/KUZITE YOU DON’T EVEN KNOW. We got a little bit of info in the manga that implied they were in love back when the Silver Millennium around, BUT I STILL SHIPPED THEM SO HARD AND I WAS FREAKING OUT WITH THE ADDED STUFF WITH THEM IN EP TODAY. GIVE ME ALL THE MINAKO/KUNZITE PLS.

We’ve seen Sailor Moon and Chibi Moon un-transform using their compact, although they were sometimes forced into it. We saw Haruka un-transform using seemingly nothing, but we’ve never seen any of the other girls use henshin item to un-transform before :)

Yeah, Minako’s pen was actually different from everyone else’s at first in the manga, so I guess they carried that over here in the episode :)


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jasmineyutaka asked: "Viluy :)"

Viluy - What do you look for when meeting new people?

I like meeting people who are kind and open-minded. And preferably having at least one thing in common with me, so we have something to talk about ;)

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kristatheseercat asked: "Wiseman, Beryl"

I already answered Beryl :)

Wiseman - If you could change one thing in your past that you had direct influence over, what would it be?

I would have asked my parents to put me in private music lessons sooner. It’s really competitive at a college level and there were a lot of people who had bee taking private lessons since they were like 5. I mean, it doesn’t really matter now though. Because I graduated and got my music degree all the same :)

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erythrai asked: "Answer any of the questions with the letter T in the name!"

Oh my haha

Zoisite - Have you ever had/would you ever have a relationship with someone you worked with?

Yeah, I have. But I was working there first and I got him the job ;)

Kunzite - do you have any old friends you miss?

There are a few friends that I miss talking to and seeing on a regular basis, yeah.

Berthier - Have you ever cheated at something important?

Nope, can’t say that I have.

Petz - If you were still together with your first love, how different would your life be?

My life would be pretty different, but not for the better. Not that my first love was a bad person or anything, but you just don’t realize how wrong you are for each other until you actually break-up, you know?

Tomoe - If you could choose to bring back anyone from the dead, who would it be, and would they be happy?

Well, the obvious answer is my dad. I’m not sure if he would be happy though. He was really sick and in a lot of pain when he passed. As much as I miss him, I wouldn’t want him to be brought back and be suffering :/

Mimete - Is there some opportunity you’d take even if it meant abandoning everything you currently have?

No. Abandoning “everything” includes Anthony, my boyfriend of three years. I’m not going to give him up for anything.

Tellu - What were your 15 minutes of fame?

Hmm, I’d say when I performed “You’re a Mean One, Mr. Grinch” with my best friend for this holiday show at my school. Everyone told me we were the best act of the night :)

Ptilol - Do people mess up your name a lot, and if so, what’s the funniest you’ve heard?

No particularly. It’s not that hard of a name to mess up haha. But sometimes people call me Megan, and that irks me a bit.

Kaolinite - What’s your go-to skill to try and impress people?

I’m very musical, so I guess my music skills?

Mistress 9 - Have you ever been betrayed?

Of course. I think everyone probably has.

Tiger’s Eye - Do you have any kinks?

Truthfully, I think my “kinks” are fairly normal/somewhat common.

Tin Nyanko - What are your 3 best qualities and your 3 worst?

My three best qualities are probably that I’m loyal, compassionate, and honest. My three worst I guess would be that I’m stubborn, I’m loud, and the fact that I have an anxiety disorder (if you can call that a quality).

Whew :)

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happy-cherry asked: "★ CYPRINE"

If I met a clone of myself, what’s the first thing I’d want to do?

Being the musician I am, I would probably have a jam session with myself and geek out about harmonizing with myself and stuff hahahaha

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sigmae asked: "Nephrite"

How big is too big for an age gap?

Well, everyone has different preferences and whatnot, but I personally wouldn’t date anyone who was more than 5 years older than me. But that’s just me :)

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crazy-crocheter asked: "Black lady and Beryl"

Black Lady - Strongest memory of my parents.

My mom is notoriously known for getting into fender benders. One day after driving her car, she noticed that there was a dent on the bumper, but she couldn’t remember when it had happened. But she was freaking out and assumed that she had like hit something unknowingly. She like kept this secret for two weeks before finally telling my dad that she thinks she dented the car and he starts laughing because HE was the one who actually did it…he didn’t tell her and he just let her believe she did it hahaha.

Beryl - Most often-worn item in my wardrobe

Probably my yoga pants :)

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silvermagician asked: "Jadeite"

The worst I’ve ever fucked up at a job. Hmm.

Truthfully, I’m not sure I’ve had any major “fuck ups.” I think the worst was when I was working an office job and I had to make coffee for my boss and I like set up the machine wrong or something and coffee spilled all over the floor? But it wasn’t too bad ;)

Oh and I will be tagging these as “villain questions”

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