Pretty Guardian in a Sailor Suit

mrsdanielcraig asked: "Apologies in advance for asking, but would you by chance know what happened to moon-healing's tumblr? It's gone :("

Aww you don’t have to apologize for asking a question. I don’t mind answering questions, I just can’t always answer them in a timely manner. ;)

But I honestly don’t know what happened to moon-healing. I’m really sad that the blog is gone :(

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versaceversace-versace asked: "THERES SAILOR GUYS? STFUUUUUUU"

No, there aren’t, actually.

All Sailor Senshi are females. I believe Naoko Takeuchi confirmed this herself somewhere (but I can’t exactly remember where). In the manga, the Sailor Starlights were female all of the time, but they preferred to dress in male civilian clothes. In the anime, the Starlights were males in civilian form, but female in senshi form. So even in their “sailor” form, they were still female.

Mamoru takes place of what would be Sailor Earth, but he is not a Sailor Senshi himself.

Hope that clears things up :)

my-team-is-better-than-yours asked: "*aggressively throws confetti at you* YOU ROCK GURL!!! 🎉🎊"

Thank you! :D

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i-swung-the-silence-glaive asked: "I was wondering, the next episode doesn't come out until the 16th, yet i've been seeing what looks like gifs and pics from future episodes. Is it showing earlier in Japan, or...? If there is a way to find them sooner, I would love that! I don't think I will be able to handle only getting two episodes a month!"

The gifs and images you’re seeing are probably from the “Moon Pride” music video. All Sailor Moon Crystal episodes are aired at the same time worldwide; Japan doesn’t get the episodes any sooner than anyone else. So unfortunately, we’re all stuck at waiting every two weeks for new episodes :/

asmuchasryuklovesapples asked: "Eventhough they all -other then rei- are at the same school, why is Jupiter's school uniform is different than the other girls?"

If I remember correctly, Makoto had to wear an old uniform from a previous school because she couldn’t fit into the other uniform due to her height.

69ratboy asked: "What's your opinion on the rushed-looking, poor animation quality and off-model faces in Sailor Moon Crystal? I'm finding it hard to enjoy episodes when I keep getting distracted by a character with crooked eyes, hair that's too big or a giant forehead."

Well, everyone has different opinions on the animation. Personally, it doesn’t bother me much. It’s not perfect, but I don’t think it’s awful either. I still enjoy watching the episodes :)

deathscream-and-firesoul asked: "okay I might be bothering you the second time, but how do you make so colourful, big gifs that are under 2MBs? I mean I tried making it small or changing colour.. how do you do it? Like pixel size, how long do you make your gifs, etc.. you would help me so much :3 Thank you :3"

You’re not bothering me at all :)

Well, large gifs can be no bigger than 500px wide and 750px in height (although that’s a REALLY large gif, Mine are usually around 275px in height).

I use Photoshop CS5 to make my gifs. I import the layers, crop any black lines, resize it accordingly, color it, sharpen it, and do whatever else I want with it.

I don’t have a specific coloring/method to get the gifs undersize though. I know deleting frames helps, so does making a gif black and white, or deleting colors/the amount of colors. But like I said, I don’t have a set method. I just play around with it until my gifs are undersize. My large gifs, at most, are usually 33 frames long.

I hope this helped! And I’m sorry if it didn’t >.>

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imsmokingpoetry asked: "Do you have a favorite transformation out of the three scouts so far?"

I think Mercury’s is my favorite so far! But I love them all :)

vicky-thehuman asked: "How do u feel about male fans who want SM to cater a little more to them? Not that it can't or shouldn't, but it's obviously intended more for young girls."

In my opinion, it doesn’t need to be changed. Even though Sailor Moon is targeted for younger girls, anyone can enjoy it.

xxanotherperspectivexx asked: "I absolutely love your blog!"

Thank you so much! :D

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