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ultra-ew asked: "Tbh Im actually crying because your blog is so beautiful and i've been on it for about an hour or two. <3"


Thank you so much <3

whisp3r-in-th3-dark asked: "Do you know why chibiusa is also known as Princess Small Lady Serenity instead if just Princess Serenity since usagi is a queen and no longer a princess?"

It was never explicitly stated why in the anime or the manga, but I have some educated guesses. :)

For one, Neo-Queen Serenity gave Chibiusa the nickname Small Lady. Pretty much everyone in Crystal Tokyo called her that. So it’s possible they just decided to keep the nickname because they liked it and everyone knew her as Small Lady.

But I think the more likely option is this: while Usagi is no longer a princess, she was Princess Serenity at a point in time. Princess Serenity already existed, so Chibiusa couldn’t just be Princess Serenity. It’s like the thing with Queen Serenity and Sailor Moon. Queen Serenity has been gone for a long time, but there was already a Queen Serenity, so Usagi took on the name Neo-Queen Serenity. In the manga, Usagi could no longer become Sailor Moon after she became Queen, but Sailor Moon still existed. So Chibiusa called herself Sailor Chibi Moon (and in my headcannon, she calls herself Neo-Sailor Moon when she grows up and eventually Queen Lady Serenity).

I hope that helps! :)

thoseguiltylittlepleasures asked: "I've currently been watching Sailor Moon again before the new show comes out this summer. I was so excited to see the relationship between Neptune and Uranus and it said they were cousins in the English dubbed. Really upset by that! I love them as a couple. Do you know if they are together in the original? Do you think they'll be together in the new series?"

Hello there! :)

Yes, Uranus and Neptune are a couple in the original Japanese anime, as well as the manga. The new series coming out this summer will apparently be following the manga more closely. So if the anime continues to go on after the first season (hopefully it will), then I imagine that Uranus and Neptune will be together in the new anime :)

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stretchmylobes asked: "I'm 17, almost 18 years old. I have been absolutely in love with Sailor Moon since I was a little girl. It was the show my sister & I grew up watching. I think I reblog more from your blog than anyone else's. I love it!"

Aww, thanks a bunch! I grew up watch SM as well :) <3

impurityring asked: "You're my favorite blog rn tbh"

Aww! Thank you so much! I’m really glad you like my blog that much! :’D <333

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moongypsea asked: "Can you post a link to that sailor moon movie?"

I’m not sure which Sailor Moon movie you mean (there are three of them), so here are the download links for all of them:


tricksterss asked: "is there a date yet for the new SM anime?"

No official date yet. But they’re saying it will be out this summer!

herrbelial asked: "Who the hell can hate her? :/ I love her. I love all outer senshi thou!!! :D"

I’ve actually seen some fans hating on her, even though we think she’s awesome ;)

I just love all of the senshi in general. They’re all so perf.

ladystrudel asked: "Actually, I enjoy a lot your Michiru's spam! She's so elegant, beautiful and strong <3 ♆"

Well, thank you! Michiru is actually one of my favorite senshi! I adore her :)

I usually spam all the girls/Mamoru on their birthdays, but I have been busy with life and whatnot so I haven’t been doing it as much lately. But I have the night off tonight so I actually got to do it! :D

Thanks for your kind message! <3

justinttimberlake asked: "feel free to answer privately but i recently started rewatching the stars arc and not quite sure how I feel about it so far! i wondered what was your opinion on the season I really miss mamrou and not sure entirely how I feel about the starlights some episodes I loved them other times I felt like they shouldn't have had such a heavy focus ?? Also sorry for the really random message! But you're my go to blog for sailor moon so figured you were the best person to ask!"

Hey! Sorry for the late response! I’m super busy with my internship right now, so I’m terrible when it comes to answering messages lately >.<

In general, I like the Stars season alright. I missed Mamoru as well, but the same thing happened in the manga so he was gone most of the time there as well.

I like the Starlights, but I totally agree with you that I don’t think they should have had such a heavy focus. And I’m not a huge fan of the “monsters of the day” in the Stars season. There were some other things I didn’t like, but I won’t get too much into detail because I don’t want to spoil anything for you :)

But there were a lot of things I loved about Stars. The animation, for one, was awesome. I loved how the anime interpreted the Sailor Animamates and added more to their characters. And there were other things I loved, but again, don’t want to spoil you too much (THE FINALE OMG).

But in general, I prefer the manga for this Arc. :)

Thanks for the ask! <3

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