Pretty Guardian in a Sailor Suit

About Me + FAQ

About me:

My name is Morgan.  I’m 19 (going to be 20 soon).  I live in the United States, where I’m currently studying music therapy.  I’m hoping to work with children once I get certified.  I play several instruments, including guitar, violin, cello, piano, and I sing.  I’m happily taken by a wonderful boy that I love very much :)

This is what I look like:


1. Do you have any links where I can watch Sailor Moon?

I use any of the following sites to watch Sailor Moon:
SailorMoonCenter, AnimeFreak, AnimeBoy, DailyMotion, and WatchSailorMoon. Not all of the links work on these websites, that’s why I’m giving you several in hopes that you can watch Sailor Moon completely from beginning to end :) 

2. Do you watch the Dub or the Sub?

I watch both, actually. Since I’m from the states, I grew up on the dub.  But as I got older, I grew to like the sub better.  But I still enjoy the dub, which is why you may see some inconsistencies with what I call the characters/attacks.

3. Do you read the Manga?

I’ve just started reading the Manga. I wish I’d started sooner, because I’m really loving it!

4. Who’s your favorite Sailor Scout?

Other than Sailor Moon, my favorite inner senshi is Sailor Jupiter.  My favorite outer senshi is Sailor Neptune.

5. Do you take requests?

Yes, I do! :D  Feel free to make them!

6. Who do you ship?

Should be pretty obvious based on how much I post about them, but I mainly ship Usagi/Mamoru. I’m not opposed to other ships though :)

7. Do you have a personal blog?

Yup, here it is! I don’t post a lot of Sailor Moon there, since I have this blog. But if you’re  a fan of Doctor Who, Sherlock, Harry Potter, Pokemon, or Avatar: The Last Airbender/The Legend of Korra, then you’d be probably be interested in it. I post a lot of random stuff there, yes. But that’s why I separated my two blogs to begin with :)

Any other questions? Ask me! :D

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